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Bernie Samson grew up around horses, getting his first horse at the age of 12. During his teenage years he acquired and repaired many old harnesses for his own use.


In 1973, Bernie built his first new set of harness just to see if he could do it. His first harness (and all harnesses he built prior to 1976) was sewn entirely by hand.

In 1975 a set of harness was built and advertised for sale in The Draft Horse Journal. A buyer flew from New York to Minnesota, purchased the harness, and Samson Harness Shop was established. Bernie Samson and Samson Harness Shop have advertised in every issue of the the Draft Horse Journal from 1975 through today.


Through the years, Samson Harness Shop has grown to be a world-wide business. Horses can be found using Samson harnesses in 45 of the 50 States and 11 foreign countries.


Bernie and Susan Samson currently operate Samson Harness Shop from a dedicated building located on their property in rural Gilbert, Minnesota. Customers are welcome - a call ahead is appreciated.

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