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Welcome to Samson Harness Shop, where our goal is to provide you superior quality harness and first class service.


Your questions are answered quickest and best by phone.


Call us at 218-865-4602 to
discuss your harness needs.  


Samson Harness Shop, Inc.

6543 Akonerva Road

Gilbert, MN 55741

At Samson Harness Shop we custom manufacture leather draft horse harness; driving horse harness; mini horse harness;  pony harness; and mule harness. Any design shown in our catalog can be customized to fit your specific breed and purpose.


We also have an extensive library of historcal harness catalogs from the 1880s to the 1950s. These catalogs contain 1000s of images and descriptions of both period-correct and region-specific harness. We will happily work with you to identify and build the correct custom harness to fit your needs.

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